You smell like a rental boot (#86 is down and out!)

You smell like a rental boot (#86 is down and out!)

Woo hoo! Those were some sick slides down the hill dude! This morning I woke up at 8am and made the two hour drive to the ski resort. Yes, I ditched work! Gasp! This being my first time ditching ever, (wink, wink) I wanted to have some fun. Circumstances led me to going all alone but I have decided that this was the best thing because I learned so much more than I would have if someone else was with me. I was less embarrassed when I fell, I didn’t care about my outfit and I quit whenever I wanted. I tumbled down the bunny hill my first two times but after that I was doing great!

When I arrived I had just missed the first class so I had to wait two and a half hours until the next one. In the end, this ended up being better because I was able to stand and actually go down the hill without falling before my lesson, so I got to learn turns and all kinds of other things that I wouldn’t have had time to learn before.

If I could pull down my pants and show you….you would see that that my knees are sooooo bruised! Yeah, I ate it. I actually ate it more in my private lesson than I did when I was going down the hill on my own. Also, when I took off my boots I found these two sores and they are icky. Those rental boots smelled so bad; hopefully it won’t turn into staph infection.

I recommend learning to snowboard for everyone. I don’t know if the expert snowboarder or even the experienced snowboarder would get as much of a great workout as I did. Falling and getting back up seriously works your abs and your thighs. My legs burn and my arms are also sore for some reason.

One more item knocked off of my 101 Things in 1001 Days list.

Snowboarding lunch. I couldn’t eat it.

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