Work Day Awesomeness!

Work Day Awesomeness!

Life here at The “Mansion” has been so crazy! Weird statement for someone pretty much through her second month of bed rest, but life has continued nonetheless.

We have such wonderful friends that we love so much and who obviously love us or else they are gluttons for punishment! A week ago we had 10 or so friends at our house doing all the things that we needed and wanted to get done before Baby Lulu arrives. They hung our outdoor light strands (remember from last year?), they chopped back the overgrown brush, they painted a baby dresser, they built a closet system, they moved soil into my garden beds, they spread mulch in all of the gardens, they cleaned and rearranged furniture, they replaced light fixtures that were broken and oh yeah, brushed and bathed our two hairy, stinky beasts of golden retrievers.

We figure that if all goes well, we have about three weeks until LuLu arrives (about a month early) and we think we might actually be ready because of the time and talents of these great friends.

This week I spent some time in the hospital during two days getting injected with steroids to help the baby’s lungs grow quickly in case I have to deliver this week. Our friend Mary sat with me for almost five hours on Friday as I was monitored and pricked and tested and so on. I actually didn’t feel too horrified to show her my atlas page of stretch marks all around the globe of my belly. Oh, don’t even tell me that yours are/were bad too. I’ve seen a ton of people with stretch marks and I’ve googled photos. Mine are the WORST! After this is all over and photos can’t be linked to me, I’m going to post the photo somewhere anonymously to help make people feel better about theirs. Believe me, there are no photos like mine ANYWHERE on the interweb!

I’ve had a plethora of wonderful friends who have come to visit me week after week. During the past two months there’s almost not been a single day that I haven’t seen the much needed face of a friend. For this I am so thankful because believe me, I’ve been so lonely. When you are so used to being around people ALL THE TIME and you get your energy and WILL TO LIVE from being around people and worshipping with loved ones, bed rest is a hard pill to swallow.

Yes, I know it will all be worth it but gesh, I wouldn’t be even the slightest bit sane without all of these people.

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