Woe is Laundry

Woe is Laundry

I know that it makes the most sense to fold laundry as it comes out of the dryer. I’ve never been like that though. It also makes sense to wash laundry as it gets dirty. I’ve never been that way either. I have to be in the mood to do laundry. The bad part is that I’m NEVER in the mood! So, I wait and wait and wait and all the laundry in the house gets dirty and I’m still not in the mood. So, I’m FORCED to wash it then. After it’s all washed, I wait and wait for the mood to strike me to FOLD the laundry.

It probably goes without saying that I have NEVER gotten into the mood to fold that laundry either. So, we go a few days of just pulling what we need from the pile and wearing it, wrinkled, crumples. Who cares? Finally, we hear that someone is coming over to visit so we need to clear a space for them to sit. At that point I MIGHT fold the laundry. Sometimes I just move it somewhere out of sight.

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