Why I Went to Blogher

Why I Went to Blogher



I went. WE went.
I haven’t blogged in who knows how long because I stopped feeling badly about it sometime back when I was placed on bed rest and couldn’t type a sentence to save my life.
Why would I blog? I mean, for a long time I didn’t write to all of you dear people because I wasn’t doing anything except sitting on my bottom (with my feet up, of course), laying on my side or going to the bathroom (bathroom privileges only, ya know?). And now, now there is a beautiful distraction in my life. Between my job and baby Lulu, I haven’t a single moment left in most days.
My hope is that Blogher will bring me back to the blog. It’s not that I need inspiration. My life is inspired enough. I just need to find balance and time. I needed to see other full time working, mommy types who can also find time to blog. I needed to ask, “HOW? How do you do it all?”
THAT is why we went to Blogher.

Did I find what I was looking for? I can probably answer with a confident, no. However, I did find some wonderful people and learn about some wonderful causes. 

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