Where were you at 3pm on Sunday?

Where were you at 3pm on Sunday?

 Have you ever noticed that people give an alibi even when they aren’t suspects?

For example, there has been a rash of break-ins around the neighborhood the past two months. First garages were broken into, then cars, then my home and finally my next door neighbor’s house. Several neighbors came over to my house the day after the final break in and we were sitting around gossiping er, talking. Of course we spoke of the big event: The break in next door!
Little Dog Man – When did it happen?
Kat: Sunday, around 3.
Special GF: Wow. We were out hiking I think.
Special Friend: Yeah, we were hiking from about 1-4 so we were definitely not here.
Little Dog Man – I was at work, I think I got off around 3 so I wasn’t even home yet.
Kat: I was here but I was in my bedroom cleaning.

Somehow I had the weakest alibi! I still think it’s hilarious. These 3 neighbors weren’t the only ones! Everyone had a reason why they weren’t around to do the breaking in!

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