What I Love Right Now

What I Love Right Now

It’s funny because my previous “What I’m Loving Now” lists have been things like cosmetics, women’s clothing, vacations, cars, etc. Today it’s mostly about baby stuff. I wonder why?

Right now I’m lovingthis lunch box. I don’t have one but it’s so awesome! You can microwave the containers, refrigerate them and it is compact and most importantly, cute! Also important, it’s on clearance sale!
Also part of the Serena and Lily clearance sale is the bedding that I’ve wanted so badly for Lulu’s crib. I still haven’t bought it but I’d love to own it and it is half price right now! This is the bedding ad that I’ve modeled Lulu’s room after. My inspiration room if you will.
And my final Serena and Lily love is this rug. It’s dirt cheap! And perfect! Serena and Lily is one of my favorite online destinations. It’s my new Kate Spade: too expensive for my wallet but something I lust and drool over often. With these sales, I can totally deck out my home.
Lulu was given one of these awesome creations by her Auntie B . It’s called a Baby Zabu. It has gone everywhere with us this summer: the park, grandma’s house, the babysitter’s house. New York, Virginia, New Jersey, Wisconsin, hotels, floors, everywhere! It lays flat like a padded blanket (tummy time), rolls up for compact travel, the sides tie up to become a portable crib/sleeping place/play area AND it fits right into the pack and play or a crib (think icky hotel room loaners). I thought we’d take the pack n play everywhere we traveled but we haven’t needed too! This fits the job at this age.
I put the Baby Zabu next to a screen shot of Big Brother because BB has also gotten me through late nights. When I wake up to nurse Lulu, she ends up dozing off and when that happens, I’m bored to tears! So, since BB episodes are shown THREE times a week, this gives me more entertainment than most shows. I watch them all online at CBS.com.
Disclaimer: All items showcased above are chosen by me. I am not affiliated with ANY of these products and I don’t even own most of them! No one paid me to say anything nice or otherwise.

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