Week 32

Week 32

Hi Baby LuLu,

VERY, very soon I’ll be able to say that to you and KNOW that you’ll hear it and see my face in some form. Right now I have to settle for knowing that you are safe and warm and hopefully happy.
In your ultrasound last week you had your mouth open a lot! You were yawning and sucking on your fingers and moving around in all sorts of directions. When you are out here, flipping over and around like that won’t be quite so easy, at least not at first.
Your daddy is working really hard to get your room ready for when you move in here. It’s a beautiful room; very bright and cheery. You should see all of the presents that people have bought for you and made for you! We have some very talented friends and family members who want you to have beautiful things.
Little girl, you are kicking so much these days. It’s funny for me to lay down and stare down at my belly and watch it wriggle and squirm this way and that, moving my stomach in ways that look hilarious because then my tummy is all crooked and twisted. It’s like a cartoon (which you may learn a little something about in your life time), where a baby dinosaur or chicken is twisting and shaking to get out of an egg and eventually the egg cracks open and the baby stretches all the way out or the legs pop out the bottom of the egg and scurry away. Let’s not do too much of that kind of stuff with my belly.
Last week your other grandma was in town to visit us and make sure that we were okay. She and I relaxed all week and kicked our feet up. Okay, I kicked my feet up and relaxed, your grandma worked hard helping us make way for your arrival.
Everyone said that this time would go so quickly. They lied. However, I will say that despite time moving slowly, we will never be ready enough and our house will never be perfect enough –especially if you come early. So, don’t come too early, please. It’s hard enough trying to get ready when I can’t even do anything but that combined with you coming home early is just too unfair.

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