Wednesday Weigh In

Wednesday Weigh In

So here is my weekly weigh in. I’m trying to have some self control and not celebrate my triumphs and mourn my setbacks as they come along, so I’m limiting myself to taking my official weight once a week. Today would be the day. Currently I am minus 8 pounds. It’s taking a lot longer than I had hoped. I guess I am safely losing weight, about one and a half to two pounds each week but I’d much rather lose it all at once.

I do see benefits to losing my 60+ pounds slowly: 1. I won’t put it back on right away. 2. I recognize the painful and loooong process, giving me more appreciation for how hard it is. Seriously though, I’m pretty sure I get it now, it takes forever. Lesson learned. Now, can it just drop off? I don’t have much of a chance of losing the 30 that I needed to lose by May 1st but I’ll more than halfway if I can just keep on this rate. My second goal was another 30 (for a total of 60) by the end of August. Surely I can dump those 30 pounds between May and August but I just need to get those other 15 or so I anticipate remaining.

Some people try to lose weight for bathing suit season; I’m trying for wedding season!

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