Unconditional Love – Rerun 8/16/07

Unconditional Love – Rerun 8/16/07

This morning I woke up early to get ready for work yet I was still running late. In my haste, I made a peanut butter sandwich and set it on the counter and ran back upstairs to grab my shoes and socks. As I raced back downstairs my dog stood at the bottom smacking her tongue on the roof of her mouth and licking her lips…classic peanut butter mouth. I scolded her loudly as I rounded the corner into the kitchen to be sure my reprimanding was well deserved. It was.

As she lay down beside the back door and stared at me in my rant, I said, “All I do is get up and go to work all day just so that I can give you a nice place to live, food for your meals, medicine when you are sick, an occasional bath and an expensive dog park membership. All I ask for in return is that you give me unconditional love and don’t steal my sandwich! Do you understand how hungry I am?” Then, I realized I sounded like my mom except really ridiculous because it was about a peanut butter sandwich and I was talking to my dog.


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