Today WE are the Jones’ and YOU must keep up.

Today WE are the Jones’ and YOU must keep up.

 Well, the weather outside was wonderful on Sunday! The sun was shining, the temperature was in the 60′s and everyone was outside playing. It was shorts-wearing weather. I got some yard work done and we painted some of our baseboards outside. Of course this brings neighborhood gossip or news or drama or whatever and I am in the MIDDLE of it. Special Friend & Girlfriend don’t get it but other people do so I know I am justified in my feelings of frustrations.

You will recall my raving about the flooring in the kitchen. I wrote a blog about it and I told several friends they HAD to get it. It’s amazing! So, I have no limits on sharing something good with the people I know and I also have no qualms about people using the same ideas or products that I do (yes, my favorite shampoo that you all ask me about is Biolage. I just recently started using it. It’s fabulous!). Well, a neighbor of mine, let’s call her Neighbor, came over on Friday night to hang out. She brought her daughter at my request (Did I mention that she’s a great mom? She really is and her baby is adorable). We had a nice evening hanging out and then I showed her my floors and she went home.

Sunday morning I was outside and she was too. We chatted for a moment and she mentioned that they were going to get donuts. Later, my husband Jay had to go to the hardware store. When he returned he was dying to tell me something. He reported that he had been at the hardware store and had run into Neighbor. Neighbor was buying a very similar (perhaps the exact same) flooring that we had just put in.
Great for her, right? I agree. However, this is the same person who publicly told everyone that I copy everything that she does just because I put the same color mulch in my flower beds and planted similar flowers in my backyard as she had in her front yard. This is the same neighbor who when I told her two of my ideas for the house/yard said that they were either the stupidest things she heard of or that they weren’t good ideas and then went ahead and used them herself (Before I could since I was not working and was instead paying for college)! Neighbor, if you are reading this, it’s the wrought iron fence across the backyard to not hinder the view of the forest AND those Rubbermaid touch up bottles. Oh yeah, and when you said my Metallic Ralph Lauren paint looked like baby sh*t, that hurt my feelings too.

So I called Neighbor and said, “Why didn’t you tell me you were doing what we did? I could have given you pointers since we’ve done so much research.”

“Whaaaat?” she replied

“The flooring.” I said. She didn’t answer. “You and Jay saw each other at the hardware store……”

“Oh! I’m not. I’m putting it in my bathroom AND I it started last week.”

I wonder why she didn’t mention it when I showed her my new floor? I’m sure I copied this one too.

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