Tingly & Prickly

Tingly & Prickly


I’ve gone through the past month or longer with no feeling in six of my ten fingers . Most of the day they don’t function well enough to type for more than five minutes and this is time devoted to work. Generally I have trouble with opening door knobs, jars, caps on bottles and picking things up. I’m having problems with both my fine motor skills AND my gross motor skills. Yes people, Baby Raspberry has given me Carpal Tunnel.

I’ve begun wearing a brace and it had succeeded in not allowing the condition to worsen at all but it hasn’t alleviated the pain and discomfort I feel. I don’t understand how people go through their life or years of carpal tunnel. It’s terrible! It’s debilitating! It’s darn near impossible to function during the day and the tingling, fuzziness wakes me at night.

Beyond this, all is well. My stomach issues have subsided and baby LuLu is doing amazingly well! She’s kicking and bumping me a few times throughout the day now. This is nice because the time between my appointments doesn’t seem to stretch on and on as it did before. Prior to being able to feel LuLu’s movements I was so worried for almost every day of the four weeks between  because I couldn’t tell what, if anything was going on in there.

Everyone says that time flies in the last few months. They are liars! Sure, I feel as though we’ll never get enough done but that is how I always feel. I WANT TO HOLD MY BABY! Time is dragging!

I’ll begin physical therapy soon and then perhaps I’ll be able to keep you abreast of it all a lot better.


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