Time Savers and Commuting

Time Savers and Commuting

Do you ever put your makeup on in the car? Be honest, I don’t think your car insurance company is going to read this. I’m talking about when you are the driver, not a passenger. I’m guilty. In my defense I don’t put eyeliner or mascara on and I do it when I’m in idle at a stop light or I smear my tinted moisturizer on sans mirror on the highway.

Today I encountered a problem. It didn’t start today – it’s been creeping up on me slowly. It’s dark outside all the way to work now! This means I am going to have to wake up 10-15 minutes earlier each morning and now my 45 minute-1 hour drive is a lot less productive! Does anyone else have any ideas of what I can possibly do now to make my drive time feel more productive and what areas of my morning I can shave off to recoup those 15 minutes of sleep I’m going to be missing out on?

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