This week my baby is THREE months old! This scares the crud out of me. Even now I still have daily moments of, “Wow! You are MY baby. I made you. You’re mine.” It’s still hard for me to grasp. I wonder if most moms go through that or if I am alone. I’ve never heard any of my friends talk about that part so it makes me wonder if because of my traumatic pregnancy experience, I’m delayed on ending my disbelief.

I wonder if most women get through that during the pregnancy but since I was just trying to so hard to stay pregnant and I wasn’t really convinced that I really would have a baby, let alone a HEALTHY baby, maybe I didn’t get the chance to understand that I indeed was growing this baby in my belly.
Although she is three months old, Lulu had her two month shots today. Being the crazy brain that I am (back to work and all), I wrote down her appointment time and date incorrectly so we had to wait a month for another appointment with the Clown Doctor.
Lulu was so brave. The nurse gave her an oral medicine and she just smiled and downed it. Next, the nurse pulled her by her feet to the edge of the table. Lulu thought this was hilarious and gave the BIGGEST smile ever. Then, the nurse swabbed her legs with alcohol wipes. Lulu also thought this was hilarious. THEN, the nurse gave her three shots, one after the other.
With the first shot, Lulu just flinched. At the second injection she scrunched up her face, opened her mouth, turned bright red and then purple as the silent cry started. Following the final shot, Lulu let the loudest wail out as the nurse ducked out of the room. Luckily, she only cried for about 30 seconds and then she was fine. Tonight however, she had been letting out the occasional burst of tears, even amidst her sleeping.
Lulu is in the 25th-5oth percentile for weight (11lbs, 11oz) and for height (23inches). Her head is in the 75th percentile (I forgot…). She is cooing a lot (but not enough to make me tired of it – I wish she did it more). She’s already trying to sit up, she’s doing crunches. She tracks her mobile around and around and of course she smiles so beautifully!


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