The War Against Sweet Tea Terrorism – Is it a one woman war?

The War Against Sweet Tea Terrorism – Is it a one woman war?

 The past few months I’ve been waging a war on Sweet Tea and I think I’ve lost. One of my favorite breakfast places, Chik-Fil-A insists on terrorizing me with Sweet Tea! Until the spring, if I went anywhere and ordered ICED TEA, I was given a plain old, unsweetened glass of goodness. NOW I am asked if I mean Sweetened or Unsweetened! I’ve even altered my ordering and said things like, “REGULAR TEA” or “PLAIN TEA” or “ICED TEA WITH LEMON” (who has sweet tea with lemon?). My efforts are ignored and I’m still asked the ridiculous question exactly like this, dripping with sugar and honey, “Would that be sweetened or UNSWEETENED?”

I don’t know why but I just cannot bring myself to say UNSWEETENED! I think that people who like sweetened should have to specify! Just like Coca Cola, if I wanted DIET, I would say DIET but no, I ordered TEA! Nothing added, nothing taken away! The places that are worst with this are McDonalds and Chik-Fil-A.

Today as I sat in line and fumed I was thinking that Chik-Fil-A, the place that once brought me so much peace and happiness has become like Starbucks! They are so self-righteous and unmovable when it comes to their branding and propagating of society! NO! I don’t want a VENTI UNSWEETENED TEA! I want a regular cup of iced tea!

Can we just decide right now that when someone orders sweet tea, they mean sweet tea and when someone orders ICED tea they mean good tea plain old, regular iced tea?

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