The Reunion.

The Reunion.


The high school reunion that I waited 14 years for is finally over.

14 years? I thought it was your 10 year. Yes, it was. But while I was in high school I couldn’t wait until it was over and I could look back years later and say, “Wow, I survived that and look at me now.”
“Look at me now.”
I really, really learned nothing in high school. Okay, that’s not true. I learned about the social circles that are out there, the types of people there are in the world and how I compare and where I stand on the ladder of life. The only reason high school was even relevant is because it helped me relate to the social issues that the kids at the Non Profit are going through.
Our former class president/reunion planner for all of life stood up and made a speech. He said he didn’t want to do any of the cheesy stuff they do at reunions like pull the yearbook out and talk about all of the “most likely” statements from back then. I wanted him to. I wanted the cheesy. That’s what I paid 60 bucks admission to see! Instead, my $60 paid for a lot of other people’s well drinks and dry chicken kabobs. I had a coca cola. Well, maybe people took one look at me and thought I wasn’t drinking because I’m pregnant. It’s not true but it would be an acceptable thought for them to have to explain away my 100 pounds I gained. I could handle that. Good thing no one asked!
I had a great time talking to the few people that I knew who where there. In all of the pre-reunion photos I’m sharing with you, only one of the people from any of the photos was there. I grimaced when a certain someone came to our table to say hi to everyone except for me. Why you ask? Well, let me tell you a story.
Once upon a time when we were all freshman there was this girl. We’ll call her Meital. Why? BECAUSE THAT’S HER NAME! There were also two other characters in this story besides me; Brent and Josh. Yeah, no names changed because they are GUILTY! When I was a young, shy, impressionable, 14 year old freshman, I asked a boy (who was in all of my classes) named Josh to a dance called Sadie Hawkins. I had waited all week to ask him until Friday after our final class of the day. He said YES! I was elated! I was ecstatic! I was hyper with happiness.
The weekend came and went and I was just thrilled all day Saturday and all day Sunday. On Sunday night my phone rang. I answered it and it was a girl named Meital and a boy named Brent. They were conference calling to talk to me. Neither of these individuals had ever paid a single hair of attention to me in the past. I was really confused as to why they were calling me now and how they had gotten my phone number. Yeah, I was cool, I had my own phone line.
Meital and Brent proceeded to inform me that Josh couldn’t go with me to Sadie Hawkins because he had already promised them that he would go stag with their group. I asked why HE wasn’t the one calling me and telling me. She told me it was because he was on a ski trip. Classy, huh? I had worked up the nerve to ASK and he had said YES but he couldn’t take the time to work up the nerve to TELL ME he had changed his mind.
Never have I ever spoken to Meital or Brent since that day and the favor has been returned. However, in my heart of hearts I REALLY wanted her to finally apologize to me. Nope. Not a chance. It’s not that I expected that someone capable of being so terrible would actually have a heart enough to realize what a beast she was and apologize for her actions but it doesn’t mean that I wasn’t holding out hope. Instead, she ignored me as if I didn’t exist and wasn’t a part of her world. It’s not that I’m not angry with Josh too. He’s just a coward and cowards are harmless. People who control the lives of others and flex their powerful fists for all to see are worse.
Katy, why let this one stupid, sorry experience and group of people ruin your evening, your blog post, your high school experience? I’m not. I just hope that they didn’t make a habit of doing this to other people and that I was the one casualty of their small minds.
See? High School Reunions, cheaper than therapy.
I still need that therapy we talked about.

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