The Mad Pooper?

The Mad Pooper?

┬áThis morning while I was sitting behind my computer at work (at the local high school), my email notification beeps and I read this: “Good morning, If anyone issued a pass this morning during 1st period (probably to a female student), please let me know. (The “mad pooper’s” sister has gotten into the act.) It may be a male, so anyone on a pass may be responsible. -Principle”

So right away I text message my co-workers who are out of the office today and say, “What’s this Mad Pooper business?” I figure they’ll know because they have been here way longer. They must have their phones off during the conference (how polite, no one does that anymore) and I cannot wait any longer because “Mad Pooper” just keeps racing back and forth in my brain like an annoying screen saver that hits the side of the screen and returns the other direction until it hits the other side and starts all over again. So, I ask a co-worker in another room. You’ll recall my Rainbow Pooper blog entries last month. If not, search for them on the search engine below.

Apparently, last year, the “OMP” (Original Mad Pooper) would “catch” his poop and smear it all around the bathroom at the high school. This brought back memories of 8th grade when I walked into the bathroom in the girl’s locker room and someone had written on the mirror a la romance movies. They didn’t use lipstick though. Some misguided girl obviously hadn’t realized that you were supposed to use lipstick, not poo. Visions of “I love Bobby” scrawled largely on the mirror in broken brown traces are now the new screen saver in my head.

I think the all text “Mad Pooper” was a lot better than the picture version for my personal screen saver.

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