The Grand Canyon: Day -1 and 0

The Grand Canyon: Day -1 and 0

The day before we abandoned the Midwest for the supposedly sunny Grand Canyon, all four of us we hustling through our days at work, trying to get as much done as possible. Coincidently, this is the exact week that life at the Non Profit got super busy. For dinner, we carb loaded at Olive Garden. Really we just wanted to have an excuse to eat out and it was way to early to be carbo loading.

We all packed our bags, weighed them, eliminated items and returned home to retrieve forgotten items. On day Zero, we boarded the plane early in the morning for the 4 hour flight to Las Vegas. Thanks to Special Friend for driving us both ways.

Malia met us at baggage claim and we were all pumped for the trip. We drove down the Las Vegas strip so that Camp Guy, a Vegas first timer, could see everything. We stopped for the typical photograph in front of the Las Vegas sign.

The whole day consisted of numerous stops including; gas, supply shopping at REI, two stops for lunch (one at Jack In The Box and another at El Pollo Loco), a stop at CVS for a memory card for the camera, a photography stop at the Hoover Dam, another gas station stop for bathroom and snacks, another stop at a gas station for bathroom and gas, a failed stop at a gas station for the bathroom but they didn’t have one, a stop at a fast food place for bathroom and finally a stop at the Grand Canyon National Park sign for a photo. Once we were in the park we had another 5-7 stops for various reasons.

That night we finished dinner at about 10pm and the temperature had dropped to 19 degrees and we’d faced snow flurries throughout the day. Our tents were not set up yet, we still needed to repack our backpacks and we needed to find a source of water. Lucky for us there was one more room available and they gave us a small discount. We slept well better than we would have in a tent and had one last shower that we hadn’t anticipated.


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