The Alleged Hit and Run

The Alleged Hit and Run

Recently our neighborhood had a neighborhood meeting and many interesting things happened. Most interesting was when this lady who I’ve never seen before told my husband to shut his mouth. I’ll explain more of that another time. I didn’t know what nickname I could come up with for this woman but we described her to one of our friends in the neighborhood as, “a mean old lady with nice skin”. When I showed this friend where she lived he said, “OH! You mean Hit and Run”.

I must say allegedly all of this happened because I don’t know for a fact. This is all from harmless neighborhood “reporting”, what some might call GOSSIP! Allegedly “Hit and Run” (as she is now affectionately known) was a former employee of the Sheriffs Department. With this responsibility comes a police car. One day Hit and Run was grocery shopping around the corner from our neighborhood and she backed out into another vehicle, causing heavy damage to the other vehicle. Well, with a name like Hit and Run, you can imagine what she did.

Unluckily for her, the grocery store has video surveillance and all of this was caught on tape! Lucky for the owner of the other vehicle, Hit and Run was caught red handed. The legend goes that she was asked to retire from the force and turn in her vehicle. In my version of the story, she had a few afternoon cocktails but again, this is just my version and completely untrue. 


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