This is not an initiation for you to SPAM me but I will tell you that this month I probably received about 40 pieces of spam, 500 work related emails, 3000 notifications from various group or social networking sites I am a part of, 25 or so forwards and 1000 messages from lists I am part of (Family Google Group). In the past month with it being Christmas and New Years, I received about 50 of the obligatory “Merry Christmas” and “Happy New Year” texts and about 100-200 texts with information. Since I don’t read every Twitter from my feed nor do I have it texted to my phone, I won’t count those but perhaps I could even count the ones I read and respond to. They still would not amount to the total of 14,528!

This was the total number of one Orange County teenager’s (13 years old) text messages in one month’s time! Click here to read the article! Notice the ballsy move of the writer to publish his own cell phone # inviting you to text him!

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