Tangarine Nightmares

Tangarine Nightmares

Good Morning!

The weekend disappeared so quickly but I do feel like it was a well spent weekend; I was able to spend quality time with my hubby J and a few of my “Indiana friends” (Drunk Dialin’ Momma, Chandra and Camp Guy) and I picked up a beautiful bottle of Blackberry wine while wine tasting.

On Saturday, J and I went to the drive-in movies since they are closing for the season next week. We watched The Brave One and Good Luck Chuck. Lucky me, I also got in interesting show in the bathroom. When is it okay to go out in public and not wear a bra?

A woman wearing head to toe tangerine was coming out of the stall next to mine. She has now has a felony hijacking charge against my brain. I cannot get the terrible image out of my head. Is it okay to not wear a bra to the drive-in movies and still wear a shirt that proves you aren’t wearing one?

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