Take a Left to the Suburbs

Take a Left to the Suburbs

Working in the city and living in the suburbs is so interesting. I get to meet people who live in both of the different areas. Twice this week people have come into the store where I work and asked where they could find a Wal-Mart or Target or Kmart. Here is the answer, on the North-side or the Southside. Today a co-worker simply said, “The suburbs”. That being said, it’s true! The flavors of the city are much better than the flavors of the suburbs. We are so dry and plain that we become the Wal-Mart’s of this colorful country.

I was actually offended that directions to any one of the great “marts” included “The suburbs”. What does this say about the people who live there? Is this indicative of our cookie cutter lives of SUV’s, look-alike homes, McDonalds and Starbucks outings? I think so.

Well, I better go. I’m going to make it a Blockbuster night.

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