Summer Preserves

Summer Preserves

Last week I spent some time in the kitchen canning. By canning, I mean putting things into a jar.


When I was younger, my mom with the leader of our 4-H Cooking & Gardening group; she taught all of us many things, including how to make jelly and jam. I remember it taking FOREVER so I’ve never been interested. Looking back, I think it only took forever because she was teaching all of us and there were a big bunch of us! Plus, when you’re ten years old, all you want to do is play and cooking in the REAL kitchen is NOT playing.
All in all, I think this took me about 1-2 hours this time. I made 3 different kinds of strawberry jam (strawberry using pectin, strawberry without pectin for immediate consumption and strawberry blueberry jam for immediate consumption).
One of my old buddies from youth group back in the Huntington Beach days has some excellent instructions on her blog. I also borrowed some instructions from the back of the pectin container.
Another thing I made was blueberry syrup for my pancakes and desserts. Whatever I don’t use in the next day or so will go in the freezer. Yum!

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