Summer Plans…Because it’s Snowing Outside

Summer Plans…Because it’s Snowing Outside

Now that I’m pregnant (yeah, I’m pregnant, have I said it enough yet?), I’m learning all about all the things I should have done before it happened. The biggest one being: GET SHORT TERM DISABILITY INSURANCE! Yeah, I know. Obvious, right? No, it wasn’t. Obviously.

In about 22 weeks I’m going to be a mom (God forbid any further bad fortune). I have to be able to work up to the day I go into labor. Well, I need to work that day too AND get back to work as soon as I can. I can work from home a little bit but only if I also work on site. If I am unable to work onsite, I cannot work from home; there would be no work for me to do.  I know that this is all a little confusing but try to understand. With the exception of my vacation and sick days, I do not have paid maternity leave. So be it.

Here’s my plan: Approximately five weeks after I my due date I am scheduled to go on a weeklong trip for work. I will be able to work from home most of the two weeks leading up to that trip. That means I will have to use all of my sick days, personal days and part of my vacation. Thank the Lord I have those days available! So far I’m in good shape. My mother in law has agreed (excitedly) to join me on the trip as my nanny. Awesome!

One to Two weeks after this work trip I plan on attending Blogher in New York. Baby Raspberry will have to come along also, AND I’m bringing the hubby this time. Well, that’s the plan anyway. So far we have the ticket covered (it’s my Christmas present) and we have the transportation under control (road trip, baby!). Right now we’re trying to figure out how to pay for the $200 a night hotel room. Any ideas?

On our way home from Blogher, our plan is to try to visit family members along the way so we can see everyone.

Two or three weeks later our Annual River Float Innertubing Trip will take place. Camping! Do you think all of this is possible with a new baby or am I a crazy, inexperienced, childless dreamer?  

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