Starbucks and the Suburbs – Blog Replay

Starbucks and the Suburbs – Blog Replay

During our radio show the other day, this topic came up. Here is a blog I wrote a couple of years ago.


I know I know. A lot of people rant about Starbucks and their elitist vocabulary and audacity to charge 5 bucks for a cup of coffee. Yes, this is one of those rants. Is my rant any different from all the others. No.

After spending my annual salary on lamely overpriced textbooks (supply and demand people – we shouldn’t buy text books), I head over to Starbucks to spend my 4 hour break between classes. The place that I took my business to buy those gold bricks of knowledge is off campus, as is Starbucks.

I should really head back to campus where somewhat comfy chairs await me in somewhat beautiful buildings but I decide that being a participant in popular culture, I should spend this time in this modern library. So, I spend 2.50 plus tax for a large cup of hot apple juice (you’ll recall that I don’t like coffee).

I attempt to access the internet via my laptop in order to work on my online class course work. No such luck! Sadly, the kingdom known as Starbucks must be suffering due to high internet costs so they CHARGE you to access the wireless network! Every other place that I frequent that has the ambiance that Starbucks “offers” also provides an internet connection! Fortunately my ego allows me to return to school without needing to tell people that I spent my time at Starbucks studying (doesn’t the cup say it all – what a cultural artifact that has become!). I pack up shop and drive the mile back to campus where I spend time sitting here writing about Starbucks. Now I do have internet connection but I’m not using it for studying. If I don’t get anything done, I blame it on Starbucks.

Luckily I am not the one who paid for this cup of hot apple juice. My lovely sister spent her hard earned Starbucks wage to give me a gift card. In reality does that mean that Starbucks paid for the beverage? Doubtful. Give me the pickle Starbucks, give me the pickle…the internet would be nice. Although, I criticize you for your lack of customer service in this area, I have two compliments.

1. The whipped cream on apple juice! Very nice touch. Who knew those were a good mix? YOU DID!

2. Starbucks, do you recycle? Strangely enough my apple cider is about the same temperature and hue as it will be later when it returns to this earth…

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