Snow Cold!

Snow Cold!

 Jay and I had an amazing weekend with some of our friends from church and the youth group! We left Friday (we got a two hour late start)  and met up with the church bus and about 9 or 10 others from the youth group for dinner. After a slow go through the snow (nice rhyme) and the purchase of a $40 bathing suit, we arrived at the lodge at the state park. I headed straight to bed and Jay went out and played with the kids.

Saturday morning Jay went to play again and I slept in until 9am. It wasn’t a very restful night of sleep due to thin walls and the fact that the pipes from every toilet/bath/sink/shower from every room must connect to our bathtub. All night I heard rushing water and people in the hallways. When Jay and the kids were done tobogganing, I dragged him down to the lake. I’ve already begun my next 101 things list as I am working on the current one. On my list for next time I have written: stand on a frozen lake. Not being from the cold weather, I’ve never had this opportunity until NOW!

After lunch, the kids all wanted to swim in the pool. I suggested that  we were in our suits, we all run down to the lake, stand on it and take a photo in our bathing suits. It was sooooo much fun! The pictures are so cute! Swimming inside was much warmer. Later, I rode the toboggan with Jay and two of the parents. The evening concluded with some socializing with the adults and a bottle of cherry wine.

On Sunday morning we packed up, ate a delicious brunch and said good-bye to the 70+ people in the group and went home. The church has this trip every two years and I cannot WAIT until next time!

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