Sneaky Fox and Snuggle Bugs

Sneaky Fox and Snuggle Bugs

¬†Every time I hang out with DD Momma, I can’t help but remember the fun stories about her 3 year old, Little Blondie. Once they came over and we had so much fun laughing at what Little Blondie says on accident (Is it still an accident if we ask her to say it?). DDM said that Little Blondie went up to her dad and said, “Daddy, I want to sing the Fu**in’ song!” and then she proceeded to sing, “Where is fu**in’, where is fu**in’? Here I am! Here I am!”

Lucky me! I got an encore performance. Also, from the Dora series, there is apparently a sneaky fox. As she left, Little Blondie said, “Good bye you Sneaky Fu**s”! Love that kid!

Last night DD Momma and I had margaritas and beer and ate wings while we played trivia (we kicked butt!) and talked about our lives. It was so fun and relaxing. Our next date? Drinks before grocery shopping. We did that once and it was great. Any buzz you get (none, really) wears off as you walk across the parking lot to Wal-Mart and walk the isles of that store, loading up your cart.

When I got home last night, my husband Jay and I watched a movie called, The Ex. It was okay but there was this baby in it that was such a cute little thing. He snuggled so much! Every time Zach Braff picked him up, he snuggled up against his chest and looked so adorable (maybe he thinks Zach is cute too!). Jay got so sick of me saying something about it. Finally, he said, “You’ve already said that like 9 times! It’s getting annoying!” Boooo. We’re obviously still not ready for kids.

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