Slim Down Challenge

Slim Down Challenge

Wow! As mentioned on the radio show yesterday, I am taking part in a slim down challenge at work. I began today with drinking about 3/5 of a gallon of water and then weighing in. I weight about 18 pounds more than I thought I did and I don’t think it’s the water I drank this morning! So, now I would like to lose about 38 pounds in this competition. I can do it!

Since moving to the mid-west I’ve put on more weight than I ever could have imagined. Part of it is because everything that I enjoy doing to get exercise is outside. Outside here is miserable! It’s always either too hot or too hold or too muggy or too dark. Or closed. Seasonal you know?

Do you all have any ideas how to do it and KEEP it off? I’m not looking for just a quick fix for the competition, I want to change my lifestyle and keep it all off. And please don’t say “give up soft drinks”. I did (again)!

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