Sleepless in Suburbia

Sleepless in Suburbia

It’s now 5am on Saturday morning. I’ve been awake since 3:30am. Most people sleep in on Saturday…I do not. However, 3:30 is a bit crazy, even for me. I will be returning to bed soon but I cannot sleep because the following things are on my mind;

My little baby puppy Jolly is sick. Her food has basically been poisoning her since the day she came home with us. We slowly weaned her onto it and she got progressively sicker and I can practically see her ribs! Not good for a growing, developing puppy! Her illness hasn’t affected her demeanor; she’s still super delightful but it has made potty training a living poop hell! She’s had pudding poops almost every single day…inside!

I’m also thinking a lot about my new dishwasher. This long awaited appliance finally arrived yesterday! I really wish my husband had hooked it up before bed last night so that I could actually use it and get some dishes loaded into that baby to see how it works! We’ve been saving dishes for it all week. We paid a lot of extra money for this super duper power scour feature that cleans off baked on apple cobbler. I’ve never made apple cobbler but I might just so that this thing can prove it’s worth!

My high school reunion is this month. 10 years! I’m thinking about how ridiculous it is that the only form of communicating that we’re all getting together was via FACEBOOK! What kind of world is this? How tacky! I think that yes, this is one way but really! Not everyone is on Facebook. I know it SEEMS like EVERYONE is but they aren’t! Facebook wasn’t around when we were in high school and every year I end up seeing that more and more of my classmates ARE getting on Facebook but they aren’t ALL on there. This makes me really mad! So, I’m going home that same weekend for a conference for work but so far I haven’t bought my reunion ticket. Instead I’m having a get together at my parent’s house. Oh, and it won’t cost $60 to see that none of your friends knew about the party!

Chicago happens to be on my mind this morning. In 4 days, my best friend is going to be there. Since it’s only a few hours away I’m driving up to see her! We’re going to spend the night downtown and have a wild time on a Tuesday night!

Darn. I was hoping that writing would make me fall asleep since I am so tired. Didn’t work for me but it probably put you to sleep! :)

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