Sleep? Yes, please!

Sleep? Yes, please!

Lulu is three months now and we’ve started getting 6-10 hours of sleep out of her every night. We tried Babywise and it didn’t work really well for us because our life has no rhythm to it. The one thing I did adopt from it was to not let her sleep after eating. That time is play time (except for the final feeding). This helped with a regular feeding schedule. Plus, Lulu is NOT really into napping AT ALL unless someone is holding her. Now we’re reading Happiest Baby on the Block and hoping to gain some wisdom from that book.

The biggest breakthrough for us has been the swaddling. We’ve always swaddled but we kept her hands out because she fought it. Once we read to make sure we wrap those bad guys in there, everything changed. I guess they move around a lot at night and end up slapping themselves in the face. So, as long as her hands stay in, she sleeps. Once she breaks out, she’s awake. We double swaddle to help keep those arms in. First, we use a swaddling blanket that has the Velcro and then we follow it up with a super huge receiving blanket that a friend made me specifically for this. It’s just a big piece of that soft fabric and she finished the edges. Sometimes we use other blankets instead but that one works the best.

Also, we go to bed really late. Like 11 or 12. Generally we’ll try to keep her up until then and then let her crash on our laps after the final feeding or after story time. Another thing, we wear her out during the day. Lots of playing, we take her everywhere with us, we pass her around to other people that might stimulate her, we go swimming, walks, and again, rarely do we have naps.

And, time has just helped. We had terrible nights until about 8 or 12 weeks. I was desperate before that. I went back to work at 4 weeks and all I wanted was a good night’s sleep!

Swaddling with the arms IN, best recommendation ever!



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