Sell Everything

Sell Everything

Last year I led the Dave Ramsey course at our church (meaning, I pressed “play” on the DVD player) and the year before Jay and I were participants in the course. One of the things that Dave teaches is that to get out of debt you should sell so much stuff that the kids and dog think they are next.

Well puppy dog, your number is up.

I swore that I wouldn’t be the type of person who has a baby and then gets rid of their dogs. The truth is, we never should have gotten a second dog but we did. We got Jolly so that Pixy, our first dog would have a companion. Pixy has been such a wonderful addition to our life the past five years and so we figured that a second pup would double that joy. Sadly, Pixy isn’t very fond of Jolly and having a rambunctious puppy around has made Pixy miserable.

We brought Jolly home the last week of August. Our first month together was fun and joyful. In September, Jay slipped a few discs in his neck and had to have surgery. A few weeks later, I found out I was pregnant. During this time, Jay was recovering from this surgery and traveling for weeks at a time for work. In the winter, I was placed on bed rest for the remainder of my pregnancy.

Suffice to say, Jolly suffered. She was not given the attention, physical exercise, training or the play that she so badly needed and deserved. Then came baby.

With all of the cutbacks and changes we’ve had to make in our life, the financial responsibility of two dogs is just too much. We thought long and hard about it and we even changed our minds once a few months ago (which means Jolly missed out on getting a really good home) and now we just know that she has to go.

We’re waiting for the right family to come along for her. She’s a purebred golden retriever with a lot of love and joy so we just know that we’ll find a family soon. Our hope is that she goes to someone that we only have two degrees of separation with.

Although, Jay says we can take her straight to Kevin Bacon if he wants her.

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  1. I didn’t see this until today! I can’t believe you’re getting rid of your dog! I think though, that it might be the right decision…no dog deserves not to be loved to full capacity. Good luck to Jolly. I hope she finds a great home…I wish I could take her!

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