Rub a Dub Dub, a Flood from the Tub

Rub a Dub Dub, a Flood from the Tub

 Let me tell you a story. The story is called, NOAH SHOULD HAVE BUILT AN ARK IN MY HOUSE!!!!! Once upon a time in 2003, my husband and I selected a brand new house in a brand new neighborhood. The house was a two story home and would be completed in several months for his move in.

Two months after completion and move-in (his, not mine), we were in the kitchen enjoying dinner when a roommate came in the kitchen from the garage in his socks. His dry socks became wet when he stepped in a giant pool of water. He looked up and water was dripping from the light fixture in the ceiling. On the second floor in that very spot sits our gorgeous garden tub. I called the builder; a plumber came out, cut out the ceiling and couldn’t find a leak in the pipes. So, he cut into the wall behind the tub from our closet. No leaky pipe.

Everyone scratches their heads; he fills and empties the tub 3 or 4 more times. The kitchen floor gets wet each time. He takes the drain out and replaces it. He fills the tub and it still leaks. Finally, he has an idea. There is a tiny sliver of a slice in the side of the tub. It only leaks when the water reaches a certain level! Despite my pleas, we did not get a new tub, no, we got a “repair” in the tub. To this day, it has a yellowed stain despite their GUARANTEE that it won’t.

We should start a tally for the stories that I tell you here. Repairs & Replacements: 1 new ceiling in kitchen, 1 new wall in closet, 1 repair in garden tub.

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