Red Box Rocks!

Red Box Rocks!

I’ve watched a lot of movies lately. I cannot even name all of the movies that I’ve seen in the past few weeks. We used to subscribe to the Blockbuster movie service that mails DVD’s to your home and allows you to take them to the store to exchange for a new set. This summer we sat on the same 3 DVDs for about 5 months. Then, we discovered Red Box.

Red Box charges $1 per DVD per night and can be rented or returned at over 10,000 locations nationwide. This means that when we travel, I can rent a few DVD’s at McDonalds down the street and then return it in another state at a truck stop. Another perk that I really enjoy is that Red Box sends me a free rental code on my cell phone every Monday. As if that wasn’t enough, you can go online and reserve the movies that you want at specific locations.
When I was younger, I watched EVERY movie that came out. It’s been a long time since I’ve watched a lot of movies but I’m catching up. In fact, today my husband could only find one movie at the Red Box that I hadn’t already seen (other than the kids movies).
Some movies that I recommend: The Good Life, Eagle Eye, Traitor, Wanted, Deception, Hancock and Birds of America.

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