Raaaawwwrr! I got a job offer!

Raaaawwwrr! I got a job offer!

Let me give you a little break down of my current state of mind, or rather how I got there.

In beginning to mid-January I met someone while working my seasonal turned part-time position at big clothing store chain. He was an employee of a company that I’ve used in job searches. I asked for advice on entry level positions, asked a little about the company and then asked how to apply. He gave me some information and later I submitted by resume and cover letter to him.

No one called.

I wrote and asked for a contact so that I could call.

I called, I left a message, I called, I called, I called, I called, I called, I called, I left a message. This went on for over a month. No one called me back. Finally, during one of my random phone calls, a very nice woman answered. I professionally begged her to agree to take another look at my resume. She did. She didn’t like it. I told her about a job that I had held years ago and not listed on my resume. She said I should update it and include that job. I agreed and begged for her email address so I could send it directly to her.

The next day she called. Two days later she interviewed me. Three business days later I had my first in person interview. Two hours later I had a phone call. Two business days later I had my second in person interview. Two hours later I had a job! Three weeks from now I start said job and in between I need to wrap up my time at my current job, travel home to visit my parents, thoroughly clean my house, go shopping, etc!

I am so very proud to work for this amazing Dot Com Company. They seem to treat their people well, appreciate them, recognize their excellence and have super ideas that really, really help people. I could get a job working for many companies but this is a company I am truly proud to say I am part of!
What do you say that we cross #8 (Find a job that I love (most of the time)) off of the old list of 101 Things in 1001 Days?

So, my state of mind is joyous, sleepless, excited and tummy aching. Oh, and can I tell you that they have free fountain coke all day long in our office… Don’t worry, I will not give in! I still have a few weeks to finish working out my withdrawals! 

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