Prenatal Parental Failure

Prenatal Parental Failure


So, it’s official. I’m a failure as a parent before I even officially have a child.

1.       I bleed like a banshee in the beginning of my pregnancy.
2.       I acquire swine flu and pneumonia,
3.       I pick up the stomach flu and become dehydrated,
4.       My blood pressure is too high, requiring hospitalization, medication and diet changes,
5.       I am low in iron making me anemic
6.       And I fail my 1 hour glucose test.
7.       Oh yeah, my baby might be born waaaaaaaaaaaaay too early.
I’m already creating a toxic environment for my baby.
Here are the letters we sent to our family members to solicit prayers and sympathy. Yes, please make me feel better. Tell me that this happened to you, tell me that your baby is fine, and tell me that it’s all going to be okay.
Last week, following a business trip to Chicago, I went to the hospital for an IV because I was dehydrated following a nasty bout of the stomach flu. Instead, they decided my blood pressure was too high so they kept me overnight for monitoring and to start blood pressure medication. The following afternoon I was released with permission to visit my husband Jay for the weekend as planned (in San Francisco for work). We relaxed and took it easy and I returned home without incident.
This morning was my follow up appointment in which I was told that the protein levels in my labs were too high and my blood pressure continued to be too high despite not working (much) and being on medication for a week. LuLu and I are now sentenced to bed rest until Monday. At that time we will receive more information because I’ll have some test results back.
 Right now the focus is on getting my blood pressure down and keeping the swelling or water retention in my feet/legs to a minimum. We are at 27 weeks and as much as we cannot wait to see LuLu, we want to make it into the 30′s. I’ll keep you all updated, as if I have anything better to do with my time :) Please keep us in your prayers. Jay will return from San Francisco on Saturday and I’m counting down the hours!
Hi Everyone,
 Yesterday, I broke bed rest for a few hours so that I could attend the baby shower that my friends threw for LuLu and me. It was a beautiful party and it was so nice to see a lot of people that I hadn’t seen in a while.
This morning we all went to the doctor for a check in to see if anything has changed since last Wednesday. Last week it was decided that if my blood pressure did not go way down by today I would be hospitalized and LuLu might be born this week. Today my blood pressure looks better and the doctor would like to see me make it to 34 weeks and then quite possibly have LuLu at that time. We’re still waiting on the results of a few other labs but if my blood pressure alone is any indication, things are looking better.
 Sadly, I am still on bed rest so the books, movies and TV watching continue.
 In our ultrasound last week, LuLu was “spontaneously” breathing well and she was full of movement. She’s growing and developing very well. Currently, she weighs approximately 2 pounds, 10 ounces.
 On Saturday, Jay returned from his 3 weeks of training in California. For a souvenir, he brought back a nasty case of poison oak. He has been suffering with it for almost two weeks and unfortunately it hit his blood stream so it’s all over his body. After a trip to the emergency room he is undergoing steroid treatment and slowly healing. He is on “bed rest” until the 17th.
 Thank you for your continued prayers and well wishes. We’ll keep you updated.

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