Practice Hike – What Happened Out There

Practice Hike – What Happened Out There

This weekend I went camping and hiking with 2 of the other 4 people going on the BIG Grand Canyon Backpacking Hike. To say it was hard would be an understatement. To say it was probably what Hell will be like might be pretty accurate.

Half of our group punked out on us. We got a late start because of work schedules and whatnot but that was fine, it made the scenery much more beautiful to look at with fading light.
We hiked about ½ a mile into the woods with 40-50 pounds of gear on our backs. That was okay. We set up our tents in near darkness with our headlamps on. That was even fine. We discovered that a 2 man backpacking tent really won’t be conducive to sharing for two adults who aren’t showering for 3 days, which means that someone has to pony up for a new tent. (Trip Fail ONE)
It was chilly out, much like the conditions that we are expecting on our first night at the top of the Grand Canyon. No one could start a fire using the flint and knife and no one brought a lighter. (TRIP FAIL TWO)
We decided to go to bed. I couldn’t sleep because my sleeping bag wasn’t warm enough. Guessing by the snoring in surround sound, I was the only one with that problem. That wasn’t too bad I guess. The bad part came when my husband woke up out of nowhere and woke me (I had finally just fallen asleep). He couldn’t sleep, didn’t know why, his mind was racing, feeling kind of claustrophobic. I sat up; we turned our headlamps on just in time to see that one of our drinking water containers was leaking water from being laid down incorrectly. It was leaking into my sleeping bag and saturated it quickly. It was 32 degrees out and I’m in a soaking wet sleeping bag. (TRIP FAIL THREE)
After very little sleep we woke up expecting to cook a yummy breakfast of oatmeal on the camp stove that our friend Camp Guy had. The stove didn’t work, we didn’t eat. This also meant that we couldn’t eat our Mountain House dehydrated food that we brought for lunch. (TRIP FAIL FOUR AND FIVE)
Living off of Power Bars and Goldfish Crackers, we hiked 9 miles. I got my boots soaking wet…I guess they’re broken in if they’re very dirty, right?
We had a very difficult time with the uphill hikes while carrying our packs. We decided that we aren’t ready for the Grand Canyon. (TRIP FAIL SIX)
(We’re good fakers at smiling in these photos) After some long conversations, soul searching and meeting with people who have hiked the Grand Canyon within the past year, we decided to give it our best go and the trip was back on.
We came home after over 24 hours of eating nothing but power bars and those Goldfish crackers and took some Codeine for the pain in our backs and necks and legs and feet and called it a night.
The Codeine gave me horrible nightmares including two where I was being chased through Gander Mountain, our local outdoor sports store. Anyone else ever have that problem?


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