Please Help: Puppy Needs Good Home!

Please Help: Puppy Needs Good Home!

My friend Sara is looking for a good home for this CUTE AND CUDDLY PUPPY!!! 

“We found her out in the country curled up on the side of the road.  She is a 3-5 month old shepherd/chow mix, very sweet.  She is a very good listener, goes right outside and goes potty and will come right back to you.  There have been people walking dogs and running by our house and she will look at them, but she will come right to me when I tell her to.  She is just very sweet and is looking for a loving home.  She does get along with other dogs and doesn’t really care about the cats!”

Please email me if you live in or near central Indiana and would provide a good home to this dog or know someone else who will. Kat at

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