Pierce my Chicken Tender Calories

Pierce my Chicken Tender Calories

 I have two jobs at the high school that I work at; make sure the kids are only using the computers for school work and move the mobile laptop lab from class to class. The worst part is monitoring the computer usage of high school students.

The other day, a Spanish class was in the computer lab researching different Spanish artists and people who made a historical difference. One of the kids was looking at pictures of spiders and showing all of the kids around him. I asked him to please start working on his project and he said, “I am!”

I said, “What do spiders have to do with Spanish?” 

He replied, “They’re Spanish spiders!”

I was drinking a glass of water and it came out of my nose from laughing. Don’t worry; it didn’t get on my work issued computer.

Today I was thinking about how strange it is that the same student who was “googling” “tongue piercing” and then after he satisfied his knowledge for that topic, his next search was for “calories in chicken tenders”. I sense a liberal arts student in the making.

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