On Photos

On Photos


We had Lulu’s three month photos taken two weeks ago, twice. Once we went to Portrait Innovations and another time we went to a local photographer. Why twice and with two different people? Did one take such terrible photos that we had to do it again? NO! I mean, we are talking about the cutest baby ever! She could never be in a bad photo!

Lulu was given a gift of a newborn photo shoot plus a photo shoot at three, six, nine and twelve months. With the exception of the newborn shoot, one photo from each session would be placed in a framed photo collage at the end of the year and be given to us. So, since we never went anywhere else to get photos taken when she was a newborn, we got suckered into paying $70 for two 5×7 photographs of our baby. Robbery, right? Well, it’s worth it. They were great photos and our baby was adorable.
Being smarter this time, we went to an inexpensive-print it right there-lure you in with a $9.99 special but you’ll spend eleven times as much in reality kind of place. We love the photos and so yesterday we took her to the “expensive” place. We went to the other place first so that we wouldn’t be tempted to swoop up anymore $70 5×7’s of the cutest baby in the world.
I mean really, look at her!
Just look!
Adorable, right? Right? RIGHT?! 

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