On Being Judgmental

On Being Judgmental

Last night, my BFF asked me if I had ever truly been happy. I didn’t have to think very long because I had just had the same conversation with my husband. I even pinpointed the exact time frame that I became unhappy or “less happy”.

Her question didn’t end there. She wanted to know if I felt that I felt I wasn’t judgmental of others during that time. That question also only took a few seconds to answer. The answer was yes! Yes, when I was happier I didn’t even think negatively about other people or really care what they were up to. I was more interested in trying to help them and care ABOUT them. I’ve always been told that when people treat you poorly it’s more of a reflection about how they are feeling about themselves but now I KNOW that it’s true.
One caveat; there does come a point where people’s attitudes towards themselves and in turn, towards you begin to affect you and you begin to feel badly about yourself and turn that around either back on those people or onto someone else.
I don’t feel offended because this was a question asked during BFF’s yoga class and she was asking more as a reflection on HER life rather than as an illumination on my own life. She disagrees that happiness is a reflection of “judgmental-ness” but in my life, I MUST agree with that. What do you think? Feel free to comment here or send me an email.

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