Now My Readers Know I Poop!

Now My Readers Know I Poop!

I take my free samples very seriously.

I wondered what a free sample of toilet paper would look like. Would it be folded? Would it be rationed for 1 wipe? What kind of wipe? Today I found out when I got my Cottonelle toilet paper and Cottonelle Fresh wipe in the mail! Cottonelle has always been on the more expensive side when it comes to toilet paper. I probably buy Cottonelle about 25% of the time because it’s on sale and it’s soft. It’s made by Kleenex so it better be!
I got a tiny roll of toilet paper and a single wipe in the mail. The wipes are allegedly flushable but I was still hesitant to put it in the toilet. They claim to break up after you flush – that’s not quite good enough for me. I was also uncomfortable with the idea that you use the toilet paper first and the wipe second. I don’t want a wet butt when I pull my pants up. I followed the direction but then used some more toilet paper AFTER the wet wipe.
Thoughts. None. Really. My life wasn’t changed. I wonder if anyone will comment about this or what weird searches might turn this posting up on Google… 

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