Not The Spiritual Hero

Not The Spiritual Hero

Some people have been curious about my giving up things and adding exercise in. I’ve been asked if it was for Lent.

I’m tempted to say yes because when I succeed (and I WILL succeed), I’ll feel somehow a little more spiritual. The truth is no. There are three or four reasons why I am doing these things and none of them are the Lenten season. 1. I need to get in shape and get healthy again. 2. I’m going on a strenuous hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and back. I need to be in shape for this! 3. All of these things are on my 101’s list and finally, 4. I want to look hot for my husband again!

Let’s take a look at #4. My husband has never acted repulsed by my body and has never been mean to me about it. However, I know I look different and I don’t want to be in that situation. I want to make myself better and make sure that both he and I are alive and together for a long time and are good looking people!

It’s not that I’m against Lent or that I don’t believe in suffering for 40 days, I just have always failed at New Years resolutions AND Lent. I’m not going to fail this time. Maybe only for the lack of putting that label on it.

So no, I’m not the spiritual hero that you were looking for me to be.

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