New Job…Again

New Job…Again

I know you are going to find this hard to believe but I have yet another NEW JOB! Things at the DOT COM didn’t really work out. I had to let them go. Inevitably I would have been let go at some point. The last few months I did well, well in comparison to others but not well in the sense that I hit any goals at all!

Are you wondering why I let them go? It just wasn’t a right fit. I was meant to be doing something else with my life – I know that long term I would have been such a great asset to the company and even if they don’t know it, I would have brought a lot to the table. It was my first delve into the For Profit world and boy was it a shock to the system! I was afforded some amazing opportunities and I have some great memories from there but the things I learned were more about other people and that the grass is not always greener on the profitable business side. It’s stacked with cash, but it’s not necessarily greener.
I learned a lot about working for or being led by management that may have made excellent sales people but don’t really have the leadership skills or guidance to lead other people. It’s not their fault necessarily it’s just that they have been placed in charge of multi-million dollar revenue expectations but don’t know how to deal with the people directly responsible for making that happen.
There were some things said to me that sadly will be hard to forget, they are like scars on my heart and I only pray that someday they will at a minimum fade. Even writing them might be a bad idea since then they become a matter of “public record” but I must.
Said directly to me: “When I hired you, it was because I thought you were a glass is half full kind of girl. The more I get to know you I realize that you are one of the OTHER kinds of people.”
Said to my entire team during bad economical times in our country: “It’s like the SVP said, we could hire monkeys to sit here and not sell anything.”
Said to a coworker: “Monkey’s can sell better than you.” (Is anyone else wondering about the monkeys?)
Above all, some feelings I never want to experience: spending almost a year being fearful for my job. Being told I was a “business professional” but being treated like a (flaky) teenage hourly worker at a fast food restaurant (I guess it’s hard to see your employees as business professionals if you refer to them as monkeys). If this had been my first or only job in the real world, I might think that this was the way it was for everyone, everywhere. Lucky for me, I know that there are plenty of places in the business world or otherwise that I fit in, am respected and considered more than just “a seat filler”.
Don’t feel badly that it didn’t really work out because it did. I worked for a company that I love and respect – I just didn’t work in a capacity that provided me with the same.

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