My night in the ER

My night in the ER

This story among others is much delayed because of the craziness that the website brought me at Christmas.

I was working late at the retail store, it was busy and there was much to be done since Christmas was a week away. As I was returning the sports apparel to the sports department, I took a little detour into the men’s underwear department to check out the ripped abs on the front of the packaging. All of a sudden I felt a terrible stabbing/throbbing/punching/biting/butt kicking pain on the right side of my body below my ribs but above my hip bone. I keeled over for a second, trying to act totally normal, my eyes were level with the belly button of a tan man on the front of the Jockey underwear packaging. I said a little prayer and stood up.

As I continued my journey I felt the jabbing pain every time I walked. Luck for me it dissipated about 3 minutes later. For the next hour and a half the pain returned in a muted fashion but it wasn’t unbearable until a few minutes before my scheduled break time. I headed to the break room for some help. Someone went to get help but none came so I walked or staggered to my car and returned a call to my mother in law. Meanwhile, the pain wavered in and out, causing terrible pain every few minutes. My in-laws and I decided that it might be my appendix so I started driving to the hospital, they started heading towards the hospital, KC started heading towards the hospital and Jay started heading towards the hospital. 

When I arrived at the ER, I was in tears but not out of pain, just out of fear. My license was in my work locker and my insurance cards were at home. Despite all of this, they helped me. So began my long wait in the ER. Soon my supporters arrived one at a time (or two at a time in the case of my in-laws). We all waited together until I was finally seen. I had an IV put into my arm and blood drawn. The results came back fine so they decided to do an MRI. With the MRI came about half a gallon of nasty crystal light tasting lemonade. I think the “lemonade” was more painful than anything.

Five or so hours after I entered the ER, I went home with a prescription for pain killers, exhaustion and the news that I had cysts on my ovaries and one had burst (hence the pain). Yay! Lucky me! 

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