Modern Day Barn Raising

Modern Day Barn Raising

Today, DD Momma and Papa moved all their baby bears to a new house and I helped! DD Momma bought a new house with more square feet and they sold their old one. That meant they had fewer than 48 hours to vacate their old home. It was like what I imagine an old fashioned barn raising to be like; all of their closest friends came together and pitched in to get all of their belongings loaded up into the biggest UHaul I’ve ever seen! Papa looked funny driving such a big truck since he usually drives a little Honda.

I pitched in from 10am-3pm and others were there until 8pm! I stopped by the new house later to drop off a fridge and DD Momma looked like she was run over by the UHaul! She was exhausted and completely wiped out. They all looked so cute curled up on their couches in front of their new fireplace!
Someday I hope that friends will be helping ME move to a bigger house…with a fireplace! They are so fortunate to have such great friends that all pulled together and got everything moved and in its new room in ONE day! We also have some great friends (including a few of those ones) who have helped us with house projects and other stuff. It did kind of surprise me that none of their neighbors came over and pitched in. I thought that neighbors used to pitch in during barn raisings? I guess none of our neighbors (who weren’t already our friends) would help us either. Okay, maybe one or two.
My neighbor/friend Jennifer is trying to fix up her house and move out too. I would love t help her but she’s always in town when I’m gone! 

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