Menu Plan Monday

Menu Plan Monday

After planning my menus ahead for some time, being a part of Menu Plan Monday and reading what others are doing, I’ve decided to step this up and do my menu planning a month at a time. It’s going to save me so much more time AND money. I’ll still post my menu weekly but monthly is really the way to go I think. I’ll let you know!

Monday – Mexican Lasagna (using leftover CrockPot Taco Soup & homemade tortillas) with a Salad and Cinnamon Sugar Tortillas with Caramel Bananas

Tuesday – BBQ Chicken (Chx Leftover from last week Whole Chicken in the Crock Pot) and Green Beans

Wednesday – Chx Pot Pie (Chicken and Veggie filling leftover from Puff Pastry a few weeks ago)

Thursday – Maundy Thursday Meal at Church

Friday – Pizza with Homemade Pizza Crusts

Saturday – Grill out at a friend’s house – I’m taking a fruit salad or fruit tray

Sunday – Easter Meal and Leftovers – I’ll bring a traditional PASSOVER apple dish

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