Menu Plan Monday

Menu Plan Monday

 Monday: BBQ at a friend’s house. We’ll be bringing some of my famous dip and some pretzels to go with it.

Tuesday – Work late at the Non Profit. Probably some sort of sandwich or microwave meal.
Wednesday – Dinner at a friend’s house. We’ll bring wine.
Thursday – Dinner with peeps from the Non Profit. We’re going go carting and laser tagging and mini golfing! Summer is fabulous!
Friday – Crock Pot Cream Cheese Chicken & Pasta
Saturday – Breakfast Burritos for Brunch and then off to a cook out and bachelorette party for dinner.
Sunday – BIG fancy dinner at the Non Profit.
You all know I’m good for photos and recipes later but really it’s another week I won’t be cooking much.
In other news: Strawberries were only 99 cents per package at Aldi this week and when I went two weeks ago! Yummy. I think I might try some freezer jam as recommended from a friend of mine! 
You can join in on all the menu planning fun here!

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