Memories of Thrift Store Shopping

Memories of Thrift Store Shopping

Twenty years ago, when I was 7 or so, my parents started thrift store shopping every weekend. They were looking for the obscure.

My two younger siblings and I were given a quarter each every Saturday to use at the thrift store, we were looking for a bargain! (Way)Back then they had an outdoor area called the As-is yard. It was a horrific mess, sort of the area that all the junk was sorted and cleaned up before it was taken inside. We loved it! You could pile your arms high with pieces of Barbie’s dream house and cast away dolls without arms or clothing and the man in the front would write you a ticket with the price. Eventually, he caught on that we each only had a quarter and our ticket would always say 25 cents.
As I got older, my allowance grew and I also learned about saving up for the wonderful paperback books found (already priced) inside. Now, in my late 20’s I’ll shop the local Goodwill, looking for a specific item or something obscure at a great bargain. I do miss the As-Is yard…Thrift Storing just isn’t the same without it! 
A blog-friend of mine (she blogs, I read it, therefore she is my friend) wrote a post about Thrift Store shopping. I’ll link you all to her site soon. She’s writing an article and quoting me! I replied to her post in a comment and then as I wrote my comment, it brought back great memories so I took my comment and turned it into a post!

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