An accidental topic of conversation among personal finance columnists from the Wall Street Journal to the Independent, from Yahoo! Finance to Fox news, Kat Shumar has been interviewed, quoted and misquoted. Consulted with by the Rachel Ray Show and beyond, Kat’s occasional digs bite her neighbors on the nose and rifle some feathers…especially in Texas  .


Accused by some as “Knifing Frosty” and told by others to “Mind her own business,” life just hasn’t been the same since she created the website known across the world (by select people),


During the Christmas season, Kat loves to make people smile. Well, most people. She’s also pretty fond of making certain people cry, which you might find on her blog, Kat tells the tales of her neighborhood called Maple Lane. You’ll get to know the Cat Ladies, the Dog Poop Crusaders, the Baby Makers, the People with the Most Beautiful Yard in the Neighborhood and all of the other characters found in the suburbs of Indianapolis. All stories told are true but the timeline might have been changed to protect the…neighbors or make you think that they might be YOUR neighbors.


Feel like contacting Kat? Email her at Kat @


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