Limiting Our Lifestyle

Limiting Our Lifestyle

Last week while discussing the economic climate with my dad, he said to me, “The USA you knew will never exist again…This is the new normal”.

Today he is correct. We canceled our cable. Completely. No HBO, no MTV, no Bravo and not even basic cable. We’re all rabbit ears baby! Well, we’re not even rabbit ears because I’m not coughing up the cash for that anytime soon. So, we are watching snow on our television set, or movies.
Also, we’re getting rid of one of the cell phones and I’m not going to have my acrylic (hoochie) nailsanymore! As with the television rabbit ears, I’m not willing to cough up the cash to have them removed so….they are just falling off.
All of these things make me a sad panda but even with my old job at the Dot Com we were looking at having to make these sacrifices and now that my husband’s company had a companywide pay cut and I’ve accepted a lower paying job, we HAD to do it today!
Today I went grocery shopping and bought 2 giant bags of groceries and it cost about $100. That doesn’t really seem like a great price to me but now that we’ve cut out our eating our prices, I guess it’s important to keep food in the house.
Is anyone else making cuts to their lifestyle? 

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