I figured that I better write this entry now because my next door neighbor doesn’t know about my blog yet. Our front lawn includes about two feet of grass that is their property. Since the beginning of home ownership, there have been lawn wars with them because if they mow that strip when they mow their lawn, our lawn looks all unkempt, even if my husband just mowed the day before. He has offered to be responsible for that portion of their lawn and they still mow it every time. That said, my husband J has stopped doing it and one of us always looks silly and as if we don’t care. Now, we just try to be the first to mow and they have a follow up mow a day or two later.

A few weeks ago my jaw dropped so far that even now it’s not all the way back in its socket. Said Neighbor has a friend, we’ll call her Peppa Ballerina. Peppa (whom I’ve spoken to 3 times in my life) leaving Neighbor’s house, sees me working in the front flower garden and says, “It must be rough living next door to someone who has a perfect garden that they never have to work on, it just naturally looks good. Hard to keep up with, huh?”

WHA!!!!! Are you serious? Neighbor and I get along fine, especially since her hormones have leveled out following the birth of her beautiful baby. Who does Peppa think she is and what right does she have to say ANYTHING to me? Go back to your mom’s house. By the way, I happen to know exactly how hard they DO work when their yard looks good. In addition, they lived there a good year before we even bought the house let alone made it our shared residence a year after closing. Peppa, maybe you are correct this month that while Neighbor is still recovering from child birth, she doesn’t work that hard but her husband does AND you should see how hard they worked when you weren’t there. RUDE!

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